AVANIYOGI - About us
AVANI YOGI is based on the belief that each student's  needs are of the utmost importance. AVANI YOGI is committed to meeting those needs. As a result  AVANI YOGI's students  are  repeat students and referrals, and their understanding and acceptance of yoga continues to steadily grow 
I  began practising yoga at age 50.  The results were life changing.  After 3 years of  battling work schedules and family commitments,  I decided I needed to make a commitment of another kind, one to health and  a sense of self awareness.  It wasn't long after that, when I decided to pursue a deeper interested in self growth and  knowledge and decided to enrol in the Yoga Teacher Training Program @ Vancouver School of Bodyworks and Massage.  Fourteen years later, I am ver involved bringing yoga to as many people as possible.  As a teacher, Graham believes that each individual has the ability to develop a personal practice at home, or in life, that only requires a little to achieve so much. With proper tools and understanding of asanas, energy, alignment and breath, each student is able  to incorporate a little yoga into each day.
i would like to share my experience with others. I want people to begin to understand how to live within theri body without pain, and to live within themselves, without pain.
In my continuing comittment to bring the most i can to each and every person choosing to practice yoga with me, I am now CERTIFIED LEVEL ONE RESTORATIVE YOGA TEACHER, and also RYT with Yoga Allaince.
Please look at the Schedule page and see if there is a suitable class for you to introduce yourself to AVANI YOGI's unique delivery of the skills and knowledge  the student will require to develop a practice of their own.
 AVANI YOGI would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best tools and yoga principles you will need for your practice
from spiro - to live, breath, respire
 breath, breathing
ghost spirit
 PRANA (Sanskrit)
from pra - meaning to fill
vital energy
Pranayama is the practise in which the control of prana is achieved (initially) from the control of one's breathing. According to Yogic philosophy the breath, or air, is merely a gateway to the world of prana and its manifestation in the body. In yoga, pranayama techniques are used to control the movement of these vital energies within the body, which is said to lead to an increase in vitality in the practitioner.

 Just some of our feedback:
"Graham you have what I want, every class that I’ve had with you has been so inspiring! As I age I’ve been so fearful of losing my abilities and when I see how limber, happy and ”in your skin” you are I’m filled with optimism. Thanks so much for the gentle guidance and strong support. Cheers Paul"
"Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and my daughter diagnosed 3 years ago I really felt I needed to do something for myself. It was recommended to me to try YOGA. I attended a few classes with different instructors but didn't really enjoy it until I came upon Graham Smythe's classes. He puts you at ease the minute you walk in to his class, his style is so easy to follow and he lets everyone go at their own pace. He has a great sense of humour and his voice is so calming. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has been thinking about joining a YOGA class."
"I've participated in Graham's gentle Yoga classes for almost 2 years. He has helped me to develop a strong awareness of my body  emphasizing that we should  listen to our bodies first. I really appreciate his pacing and feel that I have learned far more about my body from his classes than I have from any other fitness or Yoga class I have taken. Namaste. Marisa."
"Graham is a gem. His teaching style is full of variety and he is always open to "requests"!My favourite part of class is when Graham reads a selection of prose during Savasana.Diane."


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